Praise Jesus

These were my first exposure to "Christian" music, while in the Navy.
They bring back many good memories and they are still wonderful, inspiring music.

Myrrh 1975 Light 1975 Seed 1975

Greentree 1976

Maranatha! 1976



The Archers

...Things We Deeply Feel

Paul Clark & Friends

Good To Be Home

Reba Rambo


Maranatha! Singers

Praise II

It's Only Right
(Lovely Jesus) Here I Am
Mary And Martha
I Am Your Servant
Rattle Me, Shake Me
Say You Told Me So
Sometimes I Need You
Lullaby In Jesus' Name
Music (He Brings A New Song)
Giver Of Life
Sit Yourself Down
Lord, You've Been Good To Me
It Wouldn't Be Enough
I'm With Jesus
Brand New Day
You Are My Inspiration
If You Can't Believe In Love It's Love To Me
Praise Him
Holding On To You
Which One Are You?
All Your Ways
For My Children
It's All Waiting
Good To Be Home
Under His Grace
The Land Of Oohs And Ahs
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
He Gives Me Joy
Ain't Givin' Up
Sweet Jesus Peace
Velvet Sunshine Morning
Shepherd's Song
Lift Him Up
Just As I Am
Sing To The Father
Praise You Father
Light Our Way
Christ In Me
Unto Thee O Lord
Servant Of All
Sing Hallelujah
Open Our Eyes
My Peace


Light 1977 New Song 1977 Myrrh 1977

Myrrh 1977

Myrrh 1978
The Archers

Fresh Surrender

Phil Keaggy Band



In Concert - Me And My Old Guitar

B.J. Thomas

Home Where I Belong


The Melodies In Me

I Need You
Fresh Surrender
With Every Breath I Take Water Into Wine
Give Him Praise
I'm Gonna Rise)
Sanctified Life
Make Me An Instrument
You Know The Future

Where Is My Maker?
Ryan's Song
Struck By The Love
Take A Look Around
Another Try
Turned On The Light
Gentle Eyes

Ain't It Grand To Be A Christian
Rattle Me, Shake Me
Heaven's Gonna Be A Blast
The Broadmoor Song
My Fiddle-Playin' Mama
Up To The Mountains
I Am Your Servant
Clean Before My Lord & Amazing Grace
Without A Doubt
You Were There To Catch Me
Storybook Realities
Common Ground
Down Isn't So Bad
Home Where I Belong
Starving Sinner, Sleeping Saint
Shine On
I Wanna Be Ready
The Broadmoor Song
Theme From Largo, Symphony #5 (New World Symphony) & Melody
Up To The Mountains
Making Melody In My Heart
His Majesty Reigns
One Sweet Word
Diamond In The Rough


 Greentree 1978

Myrrh 1978

 Myrrh 1979

Myrrh 1984

Reba Rambo

The Lady Is A Child

Mike Warnke

"Hey Doc!"


Maranatha Marathon


Comin' On Strong

All Day Dinner
The Lady Is a Child
Go Ye
Sunshine Saturday
Child of the Music Maker
Easy to Love Him
Coloring Book
Bendin' Towards the Sun
Sacrifice of Praise
Out Of Place
Hell Bent
A Hippie's Luck
Blind Pockets
Sargeant Klutzo Goes To Nam
Harpooned Hippo
Circle The Wagons
Passin' Out
Teddy Bear's Snake
Hey Doc!
Maranatha Marathon
The Pilgrim
Live For Jesus
That's When We Learn to Fly
Father Lift Me Up
Righteous Rock and Roll
Psalm 57
Go to Church
Do You Love Me
Get Outta My Life
This Thing Is Real
His Mercy Endures Forever
Spirit Filled Pizza
Ask Of Me
Blessed Is He Who Comes
He Is The Son Of God
Lazarus Come Forth
The Light Of Jesus To The World

A Decade of Jesus Music

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