The Blood

There is a Cross all stained with blood,

On Calvary's Hill it stands,

That precious blood is flowing still

Drawn from His feet and hands.

This precious blood that stained the Cross

It flows for you and me;

Come now and plunge beneath the flood

And let your soul be free.


The Blood that stained the rugged Cross

On which my Saviour died,

The blood that saves us from our sins

Comes from His wounded side.

His Blood it flowed down o'er the Cross

Until It stained the ground,

Will cleanse your heart and make you free

From sins that have you bound.


This flow of blood on Calvary's Hill

Is from the Saviour's heart;

When Satan had us at his will

He died to take our part.

Then why not come to Him just now,

He Is waiting now for you,

Come to the Cross and call on Him

And all things will be new.

John D. MacKinnon