Teddy Bear Recipes

Beary Cute Cookies

These cheery cookie cubs, served at my teddy bear picnic, will delight "kids" of all ages! I like to make fun foods but don't care to spend a whole  lot of time fussing. So the idea of using candy for the bears' features was right up my alley.

- Sue Schuller - Brainerd, Minnesota

Teddy Carrot Bars

I was sure to point out to the mother-to-be and shower guests that these
yummy bars include two jars of baby food! Decorating them with purchased
Teddy Grahams takes very little time and conveniently carries out the theme.

- Sue Schuller - Brainerd, Minnesota

Teddy Bear Rolls

My mom used this recipe when I was a little girl, and I've shared the tradition with my own daughters. They like to help shape the chubby little bears. Served with honey butter, these rolls are "bear-y" special.

- Annette Ellyson - Carolina, West Virginia

Sandwich Bear

I created this fun sandwich for a picnic style meal at a teddy bear theme baby shower. The cheerful, chubby bear is formed using a round bread and rolls filled with meats, cheese and a seasoned spread. When the guest of honor mentioned plans for a teddy theme in her nursery, I latched onto the idea for the gathering.

- Sue Schuller - Brainerd, Minnesota

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