Think and Thank

There are times when we feel

We have reached the end;

The world has folded upon us

Without a single friend


And every one around us pays

No mind to how we feel;

Tho we have troubles to bear

That seem so big and real.


But should we trade our troubles with

Some others on this earth

I'm sure we'd find just what

Our blessings would be worth.


So if you have the ears to hear

The robins joyous call;

Remember there are those who live

And never hear at all.


If you can see the sunshine

And flowers in the park

Just think of those who cannot see

To them it's always dark.


If you can take a daily stroll,

In sunshine or in rain,

Just don't forget the millions

Who shall forever walk again


And those who count their troubles,

Oh so very far ahead

Should learn to count their blessings

Before they go to bed


And thank God for those blessings

And promise now that you

Will try to do a better job

The next time He comes through

By Gilbert C. Tenant