Charleston West Virginia 

Friday April 16, 1993



National Trooper Group Comes Under Scrutiny

The attorney general's office is investigating a national state troopers' association that used the name of a slain West Virginia trooper in a fund-raising drive, an official says.

Jim Carbone, a consumer affairs attorney in the attorney general's office, said Thursday he Is investigating the American Association of State Troopers for possible misrepresentation.

Only one-tenth of 1 percent of the money raised by the association goes to life Insurance for Its members, while 82 percent goes for fund-raising expenses, Car-bone said, citing an association statement.

"There's a standard called the reasonable donor expectation standard," Carbone said. "If donors are led to believe the money is going to go primarily toward life Insurance, then most of It must go toward life Insurance."

Carbone said the secretary of state's office received several calls asking about the troopers' association, which is based In Tallahassee, Fin.

Officials say the group's telemarketer used the name of Trooper Larry Hacker in a telephone solicitation seeking donations. The
caller said the association provided Hacker's widow and two children with $10,000 in life Insurance.

Hacker, 34, of Harrisville died Friday after he was shot investigating a dispute between neighbors near Pullman. He was burled Tuesday.

Roy Hutto, executive director of the American Association of State Troopers, apologized Thursday for the use of Hacker's name. He said a new employee made a mistake.

"He didn't mean it maliciously, but he shouldn't have done It," said Hutto, who was a Florida state trooper for 27 years.

"I've had a lot of friends get killed in the line of duty," Hutto said. "We found the source and I assure you It won't happen again. We're sorry it ever happened, because we as an association do not condone this."

Hutto said his group has 2,345 members in 25 states. He said Hacker was not a member of the group, which he said did not provide any benefits to Hacker's family.