The death of four federal agents at a religious cult compound in Waco, Texas; the shooting death of West Virginia State Trooper Larry G. Hacker last Thursday in Ritchie County; and the death of a corrections officer at the Lucasville maximum security prison bring home the life-threatening risks law enforcement officers face everyday. 

Deputy William Harder learned this the hard way when he was shot Nov. 30, 1991 in the Devola area while answering to a complaint. Thanks to the bulletproof vest he was wearing, he was injured but not killed. 

"It happens, but it happens way too much for me," Moon said.

Portraits of Kinzy, Lt. Ray R. Clark, killed in Feb. 7, 1981, and Deputy Charley Ross, shot Oct. 4, 1947, will be hung in the Fourth Street office. 

"When these pictures are hung, they'll let people know there was somebody out there who busted his butt everyday who paid the highest price for it," Moon said of Kinzy and the portraits.