Trial for Alleged Killer Of Trooper Postponed


The trial of a Ritchie County man charged with murdering a state trooper in April has been delayed until at least September.

Ritchie County Circuit Judge Joseph Troisi Tuesday granted a motion by defense attorney Keith White to continue the trial of Dennis R. Ferguson, 67, White Oak, until the next court term in late September.

Ferguson pleaded innocent to one count of murder in connection with the April 8 slaying of state trooper Larry G. Hacker. The trooper had responded to a dispute between Ferguson and neighbors.

Prosecutor David Hanlon said the delay is acceptable to him.
"I have other trials I can work on until then," he said.

White said he would use the additional time to prepare a defense for Ferguson.

"It will depend on the court scheduling, but I would imagine we'll have the trial sometime in October or November," White said.