Hello! Welcome to DDReveiws, the place where you can get reveiws on games. This doesn't mean im going to reveiw every game that comes out, only the ones I can play. I will reveiw two games at a time and leave the reveiws up for a few days to a week. Have a nice day =D



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DX Ball 2

Graphics: 10/10

Music/Sound: 10/10

Gameplay: 9/10

Features: 8/10

Overall: 9/10

This is Breakout with a kick. Arkanoid: Do it again beefed up. And this is one game you won't want to miss. The object of these games is to clear all the blocks and live. Simple? I don't think so. The powerups in this game are neat and help a lot. On the other hand, there are some power ups that harm you, and you dont want to pick those up.

Graphics: It may not be 3D, but it sure looks nice. The blocks have a neat touch to them. Some of the blocks change color or texture when they are hit. There are also special blocks that start a chain reaction and they have nice special FX when the blow up.

Music/Sound: The sound on this game is nice. The sound FX change acording to some powerups you get and what they do. Not really much to say on that subject. As for the music, it really pulls you into the game. It sounds beautiful, and helps you concentrate (or at least i think it does).

Gameplay: Very fun. It doesnt take long to get use to the game. If you are a veteran at the breakout games, this is one you'll have to try. Not really much to describe the gameplay as anything but fun and challenging.

Features: Well, there are some basic features that you can mess with. Change # of players, turn music on or off during games, change from window to full screen mode. You really dont need a bunch of features, but it was a little desipointing to see just those 6 or 7 things. It would have been nice to change some other things so the game and computer would work better with each other. The music might be jumpy for some comps. 400MHz and down. It also might depend on you're sound card.

Star Trek: New Worlds

Graphics: 8/10

Music/Sound: 10/10

Gameplay: 9/10

Features: 8/10

Overall: 8/10

This game is suposed to be like Starcraft. I haven't played Starcraft though. Star Trek: New Worlds is a very good addition to the games dedicated to the TV shows. Basic point of the game is to complete mission objectives without goofing up. Trust me, i know easy ways to goof up; its easy to.

Graphics: Why else would they tell you that you need a 16MB video card? This game has awsome graphics, its just to bad that you need something better than a 16MB video card to bypass some of the polygon mess ups. But it will do.

Music/Sound: One of the most unique parts of the game. Sound and music. Most sound FX are the same as the TV series sounds. The music is the best here. I'v never heard music quite as good as this game. They have electic guitars or such that go greath with the classical part of the songs. Alpine Start, Tabaut Encounter, and Desert Start are the only songs with the guitars, but you'll want to listen to the same three over and over and over and...

Gameplay: Slow, fast, hard, easy. Depending on how fast you work and how well you build your army affects the gameplay. If you are fast at building your stuff and getting a good army, the game is pretty easy. Otherwise, it could be hard. You have to play it to see what i mean. But be warned, the game is very addicting.

Features: Basic. The only major thing wrong is no in-game save. So if you mess up, no picking up from last save, you have to redo the whole thing over. That can get annoying. The second thing is multiplayer. It is a little confusing and somewhat limited.