You know I don't mean to hurt you
I love you with all my heart
You know I'd be lost without you
My whole world would fall apart

I say things to hide my true feeling
I have a longing to let you in
I wish I could tear down all the walls
But I don't know where to begin

I want to open up to you
And let you know what is in my heart
But it's safer behind those four walls
Because I don't know where to start

All my life I have shielded myself From the pain that is deep within
To let it out now would only hurt more
I'm not ready to let you in

So please be patient and wait
I know that you are eager to see
I need time, assurance and alot of love
And you to be there for me

When I am ready to share my pain
And I finally let you in
I know I will have what I have longed for
And that is peace from deep within.

Cheryl Dobbins 1999     

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