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There are other divisions of RSE that allow you to expand your role-play fun.

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All opinions expressed are those of the authors and are not necessarily those of the RSE, Inc. RSE, Inc. is a trademark of the Romulan Star Empire, a nonprofit fan organization. Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager are registered trademarks of Paramount Pictures Corporation and no infringement is intended! Bird logo design by Jonathan Young 1997-99 -- Used by permission.

The RSE, Inc. believes in upholding honor, both personal and community, through social events and community service. This includes representing the Empire in a positive light and respecting the rights of others.

The RSE, Inc. provides several major options for membership: Fleet (military), Colonial (civilian), Tal-Shiar (covert ops), Diplomatic Corps (political) and CyberLegion (internet). Regardless of your chosen options, each member has equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities. These options help facilitate role-play activities in RSE, Inc. Also, check out the RSE Special Forces.

Read through the Role-Play section for an in-depth review of RSE, Inc.'s role-play. This page gives an overview of membership options.

The RSE, Inc. is not a forum for political or religious debate. Although the television Romulans are war-faring and violent, the RSE, Inc. does not condone violence, criminal activity or abuse of the rights of others.


MILITARY OPTION: The Romulans as presented in Star Trek are ruthless, cunning, militaristic and proud of their heritage and achievements. Those who wish to experience this aspect of Romulan culture may choose the military option. Members may serve aboard a Ship or Outpost and hold a fictional rank and position.

There are several options for the Romulan Officer:

Ships: The military consists of individual chapters that serve as ships for the Imperial Fleet. Fleet chapters hold monthly meetings and social events, attend special events and participate in community projects. Members of other commands may hold temporary posts on these ships.

Outposts: Members who choose the military option may also join an individual chapter that serves as an Outpost, a military settlement on a planet, moon or other stellar object. Outposts hold monthly meetings and social events, attend special events and participate in community projects. Members of other commands may hold temporary posts on these outposts.

Colonies: A colony falls under the civilian option; however, a military officer may fulfill their tour of duty in a Colony chapter. See civilian option for more information about colonies.

Military members have the option of filling several positions, including Miltary Tactical Operations, Military Logistical Operations, Imperial Fleet Military Intelligence, Imperial Fleet Procurement.

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For more information about the Military option, contact Fleet Commander T'Sarine:

Fleet Commander
c/o Cher Couch
509 Taylor Street
Richland, WA 99352


CIVILIAN OPTION: Those interested in this lesser known, but equally respected aspect of Romulan culture may opt for a civilian position. Civilians are the citizens who do not wish to be involved in the military.

Civilians may hold several positions within the Empire, including Diplomatic Corps and Imperial Archives -- but may not hold any military position. Some positions, however, may require a civilian to serve in a military chapter.

Civilian positions are distinguished by a sash worn on formal occasions.

Colonies: Civilians have the honor of joining a colony. Colony members hold monthly meetings and social events, attend special events and participate in community projects. A colony may also include military personnel.

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For more information about the Civilian option, contact the Senator for Colonial Frontiers:

Colonial Frontiers
c/o TakAgenKas DinArim
P.O. Box 26024
Fresno, CA 92729


POLITICAL OPTION: Each chapter should have a member of the Diplomatic Corps. These members have the title of Attache and are the primary contact between the Empire and other clubs and therefore must be a member of RSE, Inc. An Attache's duties are to contact other fan clubs and keep the Embassy informed of their activities.

They have power to develop casual alliances and inform various chapters of role-playing challenges made by and to other local clubs. They must keep in mind at all times that these contacts are friendly and any challenges are in fun. Attaches are approved by the Judicial Praetor.

Attaches report to Ambassadors at an Embassy, a fictitious location that serves a real purpose. The Ambassadors are accountable to the Judicial Praetor.

The Romulan Diplomatic Corps can be entered by anyone as a primary or secondary position for military and civilian members.

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For more information about the Romulan Diplomatic Corps, contact Judicial Praetor Teelis t'Hwersuil.

Judicial Praetor
Teelis t'Hwersuil
c/o Tanja van Werner


COVERT OPS: The Tal Shiar is a secret organization for military members assigned to cell groups. They serve as the Romulan police. Under the direction of the Minister of the Tal Shiar, agents report to their Division. Within these divisions, members will be assigned to all groups. A Tal Shiar operative may join any ship or colony.

The directorates include:

Romulan Legions: The ground forces. They are the combat arm of the Tal Shiar and assist in occupation and stabilization of newly emancipated territories.

Political Directorate: The intelligence arm and diplomatic guard.

Science Directorate: Research and development arm for science, engineering and medicine.

Cryptography and Security Directorate: Provides codes for communication and assigns security clearances.

Tactical Communications Directorate: Led by the Cursor. Develops, coordinates and assigns role-play scenarios. This is done through story writing. Develops and updates the Romulan Role-Play Guide. Also administrates the pen pal listings.


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For more information about the Tal Shiar option, contact the Minister of the Tal ShiarR'Thal Jurodt:

Tal Shiar Minister
c/o Randy Young
RR8 Box 305
Madison, VA 22727-9209


INTERNET: Members may live their Romulan lives on the Internet with the CyberLegion. Members establish Ships, Outposts and Colonies on the internet that function like correspondence chapters. Newsletters can be E-mailed, activities planned and promotions earned. Guidelines for commissioning are the same as for actual chapters.

Members already in a chapter are welcome to participate.


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For more information about the Internet option, contact the CyberLegion Commander Ceridwen t'Ieithoedd:

CyberLegion Commander
c/o Trisha Rohal
233 Ridgewood Road
Easton, PA 18042


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